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Buy vacuum coating machine equipment to pay attention to what?

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  Of large capital investment items, we at the time of purchase will be very cautious, it should be before the purchase of work required to prepare the detailed understanding, a vacuum coating machine is not cheap, with the rapid development of vacuum coating industries shall be coated products for the requirements of the film also gradually increase, the use range of materials also in the gradually expanding, that for vacuum coating machine to keep up with the product rhythm is a challenge. Now we have to introduce a few points to buy vacuum coating machine.



 Vacuum system configuration: quality and price is always proportional to, whether to buy what kind of technology equipment, evaporation or, ion or, magnetron sputtering or, a machine, with different configurations, the price is certainly different. In general, the configuration is good representative of the materials, natural life will be relatively long, the efficiency will be higher, into a relatively good film.

The shell of the vacuum coating machine: if you look from the surface, basically it is difficult to see is good or bad, not only from the surface to visually distinguish, shell each vacuum equipment manufacturers can be processed. For the shell should focus on seal welding is very important, if the machinery and equipment to buy back found leakage problems that customers will be very headache, even indirectly appear some strange problems, leakage reason is often because the processing is not good. Therefore, customers choose to buy vacuum coating machine / coating equipment must pay attention to the processing strength.

Three, the core of the process: the core of different processes is not the same, unified called evaporation source, but it is a target or an electron gun, etc.. If there is no good evaporation source, basically do not want to complete the stability of high quality coating. Good evaporation source is the need to continue to get a long time to get the coating data and improve the perfect out, do not understand the process of manufacturers is difficult to do a good job of steam source. If the manufacturer said that the machine does not pack the process, we must not buy.

Four, field investigation, sample: before the purchase of vacuum coating machine and coating equipment, take samples to coating, plating coating inspection is not can meet the requirements of their own, it technical services and after-sales service is not perfect, combined with the above points consulting, final goods than three.


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