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Small knowledge of coating glass for optical coating machine

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Coated glass is the most widely used heat reflecting glass and low radiation glass. Two production methods of vacuum magnetron sputtering and chemical vapor deposition were used. Since the late 1980s, in China there have been hundreds of coated glass manufacturer, in the industry effects of high vacuum magnetron sputtering production, chemical gas phase deposition method manufacturers have Shandong Lanxing glass company and Changjiang float glass company. There are many methods for the production of coated glass, such as vacuum magnetron sputtering, vacuum evaporation, chemical vapor deposition and sol gel method. Optical coating machine coating glass with little 

Small knowledge of coating glass for optical coating machine

knowledge of optical coating machine coated glass using magnetron sputtering technique to design and manufacture of multilayer complex film system, in white glass based on chip plating a variety of colors, coating corrosion resistance and good wear resistance, is one of the production and use of most of the products.

The variety and quality of vacuum evaporation coating glass has a certain gap compared with the magnetron sputtering coating glass, which has been replaced by the vacuum sputtering method. The chemical vapor deposition method is in the float glass production line through the reactive gas in the hot glass surface decomposition, evenly deposited on the glass surface to form a coated glass.

The characteristics of this method are less equipment investment, easy control, low cost and good chemical stability. It is one of the most promising methods of production. Sol gel method is simple, stable, and the stability of the film is also good, the problem is the product of light transmission ratio is too high, poor decorative.

Coated glass according to the different characteristics of the product can be divided into the following categories: heat reflective glass, low radiation glass (Low-E), conductive film glass, etc.. Heat reflecting glass is generally in the glass surface layer or multilayer, such as chromium, titanium or stainless steel and other metal or its compound composition of the film, make the product is rich in color,For the visible light has the appropriate transmittance, the infrared has a higher reflectivity, the ultraviolet ray has a higher absorption rate,

Therefore, also known as solar control glass, mainly used for construction and glass curtain wall; low radiation glass is composed of multilayer silver, copper or tin metal or its compound films plating on glass surface, products of visible light for a higher transmittance, infrared high reflectivity, with good heat insulation performance, mainly used in construction and automobile, shipbuilding and other traffic tools, because the film strength is poor.

Generally made use of insulating glass, ITO conductive film glass is the glass coated with indium tin oxide, conductive film, glass can be used for heating, with the exception of frost, mist and used as a liquid crystal display etc.; glass coating is to change the optical properties of the glass and satisfy certain requirements in the glass surface coated with one or more layers of metal, alloy or metal compound film.

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