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Method for safety and protection of vacuum coating machine

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     The safety protection system is very important for any instrument and equipment. In order to ensure the equipment and personal safety, for users, we designed to assign a 2 level of security level, that is, managers and operators. Managers can modify the process and parameters, and the operator can only execute the program, access to the program parameters.


       Whether it is working in the automatic mode of operation, or manual maintenance mode, the output of the interlock protection is very important. In order to prevent the misuse, we designed the interlock circuit and program interlock of the 2 interlocking. When the condition is not sufficient to press the wrong key, the system gives the prompt not to execute the wrong order. The system also added some important parameters of the security area alarm or warning. The alarm lamp and a buzzer control action by red yellow green, respectively, to achieve a variety of situation warning. If the process gas inflation flow rate is slightly lower than the set flow, the yellow light warning still continue to work, after the pressure to restore the flow to normal, green light. But when the flow rate is lower than the set limit, the red light is lit and the alarm is stopped.

     Through the user's use and production, it is proved that the automatic control system of the whole program meets the user's requirements. The control system has a clear interface friendly, simple programming, convenient operation, data access quickly, the system is stable and reliable, good processing repeatability, optical reduction film reflecting the transmission performance indicators in full compliance with the requirements of aerospace high-performance GaAs solar cells, and for further improvement of GaAs solar cells antireflection coating performance provides a good platform.

    In spite of this, the development of electron beam evaporation coating machine has been in China for several decades, although the technology has been improved, but compared with foreign advanced technology, there is still a certain gap, especially in the high-end field. In this paper, the electron beam evaporation coating machine applied control technology international, although not very new technology, but application of the control system, in the domestic production of vacuum application equipment are rare, and to long-term stable and reliable operation, and great development space, it is and the vacuum industry in the high-end application of vacuum equipment overall level of development.

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